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Feb 12, 2014

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Feb 10, 2014

Artist you NEED to listen to: Emerson Jay
Feb 10, 2014

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Feb 6, 2014

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Feb 4, 2014

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Feb 3, 2014

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Against Me! craft a trans-rock treasure with new record
:: February 12, 2014 :: by Gabriel LaMarca

Against Me! 

?ÄčAgainst Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues

RIYL: Foo Fighters and The Gaslight Anthem

Recommended Tracks: True Trans Soul Rebel, Dead Friend, Fuckmylife666.

This album is mixed greatly. I love the opening track. It gives the album a punky sound. In general, the album is very grungy and punky. I compare it to The Gaslight Anthem. They have sort of an Irish punk sound to them.

"True Trans Soul Rebel" takes me back to middle school. This song is much more punkish and and teenage like. The guitar riff is very catchy. They do a very good job bringing in the chugging guitar in the chorus.

"Fuckmylife666" is what I compare to the Gaslight Anthem— a very american punch with a twist of Irish rock thrown it.

"Dead Friend" is my favorite song on the album. It is a happy medium for me. It still has that chugging punk guitar—definitely a rock song— but also a ballad, reminding me of the Gaslight Anthem.

All together...WOW. Has to be rock album of the year

Dum Dum Girls-Too True
:: February 12, 2014 :: by Raevin Melendrez-Wood

Dum Dum Girls


RIYL: The Ravonettes, Best Coast

When I heard of the Dum Dum Girls I automatically thought angsty girl band, but I was disappointed when their first track started playing. I was hoping for a No Doubt, Fiona Apple and The Cranberries vibe. Maybe it was my fault for putting this band on such a high pedestal before even wafting in their sound.

Instead of bra-burning music that I could jump around my room feeling my girl power, I was met with breathy vocals and a mystical Gothic sound with light airy tones. When listening closely I could almost hear a slight similarity to the band Metric, but I did say almost. If you can't tell, this band was not my cup of tea. Their instrumentals were generic and made you feel you were in a bad 80’s Gothic music video. Not to mention that I couldn’t get past the lyrics that sounded like some chick whimpering about a guy that was “Too True to Be Good”.

Now, don’t let my opinion discourage you. If you are into more of a Gothic genre I highly recommend this band. My roommate couldn’t wait till I was done critiquing, so she could download the album. As for me giving the Dum Dum Girls a five star rating on my IPod? That would be a no.


Artist you NEED to listen to: Emerson Jay
:: February 10, 2014 :: by Matt Hoey

Emerson Jay

Emerson Jay- T H E E P

RIYL: Foster the People, Passion Pit

Recommended Tracks: Track 2: Young Svn, Track 5: LZY Me

T H E E P is the first release from the Pittsburgh-native four-piece band, Emerson Jay.  Jared Gulden is a twenty-one year old musician and the brains behind the entire operation of Emerson Jay.  T H E E P is a six song EP, filled to the brim with electronic synth-soaked happiness. 

The band draws its influences from groups like Foster the People and Passion Pit, but still manage to harvest their own unique sound.  It’s relaxing, yet exciting and catchy.  Track two, “Young Svn”, starts with an infectious guitar riff that leads into a burst of sound and energy that holds strong for the remainder of the song.  Jared Gulden is young and new to the music scene, but that doesn’t stop him from delivering some insightful lyrics that add to the quality of the EP.  On “Young Svn” he sings, “It's too much to take, how far can you go until you'll have to break?And how will we break? cause it hurts to say that the end isn't far away.” On track 5, “LZY Me”, he questions “May I make up my mind if I change i?, cause I change a lot.”  In Gulden’s lyrics, it’s obvious to read that he is nervous of the future.  As any musician trying to break in to the industry has probably felt before, Gulden and the rest of Emerson Jay have questions about their future and their music. 

Let’s just say that this EP is a step in the right direction.  Their sound is something relatively new to the music industry, and will most likely grow in popularity in the near future.  Fueled by raw talent, passion and a little bit of luck, we’ll be hearing a lot more from Emerson Jay.   T H E E P is a breath of fresh air to music.           

Camera2- EP Appetite
:: February 10, 2014 :: by Raevin Melendrez-Wood


RIYL: MGMT, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Mandaly
Recommended Tracks:
Track 3: You Don’t Understand Me
Track 4: Natalie
Camera2 are four artists from Brooklyn looking to make their way into the indie music scene with their debut EP Appetite.
If you like the songs “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros or “Kids” by MGMT you will definitely like the electronic beat of Camera2’s first two tracks. There are elements that will remind you of each of these songs, but I felt that they were too similar to the indie bands that are on the radio.
What I found delightful is that, when you delve further into their EP, you are met with a dark electronic indie sound. This is where my first opinion was changed, and I found the difference that sets them apart. If you’re looking for that coffeehouse vibe, I would definitely recommend “You Don’t Understand Me” and “Natalie." Their breathy vocals make you feel a need to step back and feel the world around you. The aroma of smokiness from the beat gives you the ability to move your body and let the music feed your soul.


Piqued Jacks-Just a Machine
:: February 6, 2014 :: by Kirk Windus

RIYL: Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Recommended Tracks:

Track 2-Blackie

Track 3-Youphoric!?

Track 4- My Kite

Track 5- Amusement Park

Four Italian kids under the mantras E-King, Penguinsane, litteladle and ThEdOg team up with a Grammy-award-winning producer and release a great funk-rock EP. That’s the story of newly Austin-based band Piqued Jacks.

The Jacks take the highly syncopated funk feel of bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and infuse some good old rock & roll on their EP, “Just a Machine.”  It doesn’t take long to see just how talented the Italian boys are. “Blackie” is a blazing fast, funky rock track infused with a machine-gun-like bass riff and an infectious poppy chorus featuring some really tight harmonies.

“My Kite” is a gorgeous piano driven song that crescendos into a full-on power ballad that sounds destined for a movie soundtrack, especially during the unforgettable chorus that shouts the cadence “The Ocean is Wide” over bright, cutting guitar sounds.

The band has been making a lot of noise in the Austin, Texas area, and it’s easy to see why after listening to the EP. These guys have some serious potential.

The Lymbs- Casa de Amor
:: February 4, 2014 :: by Kirk Windus

The lymbs

RIYL: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Japandroids, White Stripes

Recommended tracks:

Track 1- Dreamer

Track 2- Wicker Man

Track 5- Fires

New Mexico-based, blues/funk-rock duo The Lymbs have the same unique gift that made the White Stripes famous: to create an absolutely huge sound with just guitar and drums. The duo combine elements of blues and funk rock with harder, garage rock, mashing up guitar tones that sound straight from a Chili Peppers record with huge, fuzzed out moments that sound like Japandroids on steroids.

Gage Bickerstaff’s seducing tenor sounds like something straight out of the early blues-rock movement— say Cream or Muddy Waters. Plus, he can absolutely shred on the guitar. On the opening track his clean, laid back riffing explodes into a huge sounding, overdriven guitar blitz that will have you wanting to bash your head off the nearest wall and shout for joy at the same time.

Jeff Bell tackles the daunting task of giving a backbone on drums to such a versatile, rhythmically complex sound like it’s not even a challenge. He shuffles back and forth between polyrythmic and highly syncopated licks (“Kerosene”) and heavy half-time thrashing (“Dreamer”) with ease— which is no small task.

In a world full of assembly-line-produced, rip-off bands, The Lymbs take a unique, refreshing approach to bringing back rock music. And they do it in a big way

The Laziest Remix-Elizabeth McQueen & Brothers Lazaroff
:: February 3, 2014 :: by Juette Joseph

Recommended tracks: 5. Gone Solid Gone Remix, 1. Laziest Girl In Town Remix, 4. You're To Blame Remix

In a remix to Austin-based singer Elizabeth McQueen's The Laziest Girl in Town album, Brothers Lazaroff join forces with McQueen to create a jazzy, electronic, R&B EP. This EP is one of those that you listen to with quality headphones or a great sound system so you can really hear Brothers Lazaroff's amazing instrumentals.

Track 5, "Gone Solid Gone," really sticks out because of featured artist Thelonius Kryptonite.  His smoother vocals were preferred over McQueen’s tone on this track. Don't get me wrong, McQueen has a great voice, especially with her old-school singing style, but Thelonius gives the song such a twist by incorporating his rapping talents.

The opening track on this EP, “Laziest Girl in Town,” is just so mellow and relaxing. McQueen’s voice reminds me of real old-school R&B, the kind that you slowly nod to. And of course Brother Lazaroff is just sick at doing what they do—such a smooth track and a great way to introduce Brother Lazaroff and McQueen.

The fourth track, ”You're to blame,” has one of the best instrumentals on this entire EP. Brothers Lazaroff clearly express how crafted they are on this track. That cool kind of electronic melody along with the background singers and McQueen is so fluid.

Overall, a pretty good EP if you're into a modern, jazzy feel. 

Boy and Bear- Harlequin Dream
:: February 3, 2014 :: by Matt Hoey

Boy and Bear

RIYL- Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes

Recommended Tracks:

 Track 6- A Moment’s Grace

 Track 8- Back Down the Black

Boy and Bear have been dubbed as the Australian Mumford and Son’s.  Upon first listen, every amateur music listener would probably think the same thing.  After listening through the album a few more times, you’ll be able to tell the two bands apart and recognize their unique sound. 

Their sophomore album topped the charts in Australia, and for good reason.  Every song on this album tells a story.  The work as a whole gives off a warm, fuzzy sound.  There are times throughout the album when you can just feel the pressure building. I found myself waiting for the band to explode into heavier rock riffs but as soon as this anticipation builds up, it dies back down again.  In some cases, this would be bad for a band, but I think in the case of Boy and Bear, it works quite nicely. On “Back Down the Black,” the lyrics describe a sort of struggle with what I’m guessing to be drugs.  The lead singer describes what it’s like to be scared for someone you love.  “There'll be change 'cause this one's too big not to see, but brother you're scared and I'm scared when you're scared 'Cause you ain't supposed to be.” 

Its witty lyrics like this that make the album worth listening to.  Although it may seem, instrumentally, that the album may drag on, the wordplay and lyrics are what distinguish this album as a success and not a failure.    

L.E.S.-The Genesis
:: February 3, 2014 :: by Amber Williams

RIYL – Childish Gambino, Drake (Take Care) , LL Cool J

Recommended Tracks:

Track 3 - Dreamer

Track 6 - Gone

Track 10 - Lion’s Den

As a hip-hop artist, writer, and co-creator of Morburn, the Montreal MC L.E.S.’ complex lyricism flows well with the combination of southern bounce and rap. After emerging on the scene in 2008, L.E.S. gives more than what you can expect out of an artist.

 The laidback feel and smooth flow of “Dreamer” and “Gone” are the Drake songs of the album. As L.E.S. tells the “baby, don’t leave me because I know I messed up” story, the flow of R&B mixed with his insane lyrics will have you in a trance that’s impossible to get out of.

 Soon the album rises to his MC status giving us what he is known for. The track “Lion’s Den” shows MC style that L.E.S. is becoming known for. His dope beat with a gangsta, schizophrenic flow creates a latitude higher than what we want out of a rapper.

If you listen to the album here is a tip: DO NOT SKIP AROUND! The Genesis is one album where one track flows into the next. If you like discovering new hip-hop and are down with a freestyle, L.E.S. will not disappoint.

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