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Boy and Bear- Harlequin Dream
:: February 3, 2014 :: by Matt Hoey

Boy and Bear

RIYL- Mumford and Sons, Fleet Foxes

Recommended Tracks:

 Track 6- A Moment’s Grace

 Track 8- Back Down the Black

Boy and Bear have been dubbed as the Australian Mumford and Son’s.  Upon first listen, every amateur music listener would probably think the same thing.  After listening through the album a few more times, you’ll be able to tell the two bands apart and recognize their unique sound. 

Their sophomore album topped the charts in Australia, and for good reason.  Every song on this album tells a story.  The work as a whole gives off a warm, fuzzy sound.  There are times throughout the album when you can just feel the pressure building. I found myself waiting for the band to explode into heavier rock riffs but as soon as this anticipation builds up, it dies back down again.  In some cases, this would be bad for a band, but I think in the case of Boy and Bear, it works quite nicely. On “Back Down the Black,” the lyrics describe a sort of struggle with what I’m guessing to be drugs.  The lead singer describes what it’s like to be scared for someone you love.  “There'll be change 'cause this one's too big not to see, but brother you're scared and I'm scared when you're scared 'Cause you ain't supposed to be.” 

Its witty lyrics like this that make the album worth listening to.  Although it may seem, instrumentally, that the album may drag on, the wordplay and lyrics are what distinguish this album as a success and not a failure.    

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