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Sep 15, 2014

Tom the Lion-Sleep
Sep 14, 2014

JPNSGRLS: Circulation
Sep 14, 2014

Annalise Emerick: Field Notes
Sep 14, 2014

Glass Towers: Halcyon Days
Sep 14, 2014

The Kook-Listen
Sep 14, 2014

Rise Against-Black Market
Sep 14, 2014

Sep 14, 2014

Royal Blood-Royal Blood
Sep 12, 2014

Coldplay-Ghost Stories
Sep 11, 2014

FKA Twigs- LP1
Sep 10, 2014

Bonnaroo day 4 recap
Jun 17, 2014

Kanye West: The World's Number One Rockstar?
Jun 17, 2014

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Jun 17, 2014

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Bonnaroo day 2
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May 15, 2014

The #1 College Radio Station!
May 1, 2014

Afghan Whigs- Do to the Beast
Apr 10, 2014

WSBU, a force to be reckoned with.
Mar 28, 2014

Mar 27, 2014

Artist you NEED to listen to: Bears and Motorcycles
Mar 25, 2014

Aloe Blacc-Lift Your Spirit
Mar 19, 2014

LQ Bucket- The Long Loneliness
Mar 12, 2014

The Belle Jar- Union Station
Mar 5, 2014

Hobosexual-Hobosexual II
Feb 28, 2014

Mas Ysa- Worth EP
Feb 27, 2014

The Notwist- Close to the Glass
Feb 25, 2014

Kevin Devine concert photos
Feb 23, 2014

Sam Smith sampler
Feb 21, 2014

Savannah Smith Studio Session
Feb 17, 2014

Vinyl Thief- Stop Motion EP
Feb 17, 2014

Warpaint- Warpaint
Feb 17, 2014

Twinkie Jiggles Broken Orchestra- Too Big To Fail
Feb 13, 2014

Preeta- We Are Changed
Feb 13, 2014

Dum Dum Girls-Too True
Feb 12, 2014

Against Me! craft a trans-rock treasure with new record
Feb 12, 2014

Alexander Starr-Badd Habitz
Feb 12, 2014

Lionize-Reality Check (single)
Feb 12, 2014

Camera2- EP Appetite
Feb 10, 2014

Artist you NEED to listen to: Emerson Jay
Feb 10, 2014

Piqued Jacks-Just a Machine
Feb 6, 2014

The Lymbs- Casa de Amor
Feb 4, 2014

L.E.S.-The Genesis
Feb 3, 2014

Boy and Bear- Harlequin Dream
Feb 3, 2014

The Laziest Remix-Elizabeth McQueen & Brothers...
Feb 3, 2014

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:: September 15, 2014


After months of issues with our live stream, we have finally fixed it. On the home page in green it says Listen Online, but that links to our old stream service (we're still working on getting rid of that). For the new stream check out the LISTEN above in blue.

Thanks again for listening to us!

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JPNSGRLS: Circulation
:: September 14, 2014 :: by Christina Root

RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, Portugal. The Man, Hot Hot Heat, Pop Rocks.      

Recommended Tracks: All Songs, Particularly: "Circulation," "Southern Comforting," "Smalls, & Tiger."

With little to no filler, JPNSGRLS immediately proves that garage band music is able to stay true to their roots while consistently evolving and enhancing the genre. Although a debut album, JPNSGRLS has created an almost rebellious garage-pop sound while implementing hints of psychedelic indie-rock that is comparable to early Arctic Monkeys albums.

The album is constantly entertaining and its lack of simple filler songs is surprising, particularly for a debut album. The entire track list contains immense bursts of energetic emotion and a continuous wavelength of attitude. The title track “Circulation” is bass filled, magnetic, and hypnotic, easy on the ears for its sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Although the band is talented lyrically, they are immensely talented at creating an ending that is both vibrant and expertly crafted. Quick to utilize a very slow build up, they are consistently successful with a fantastically clattering ending, especially notable in songs “Brandon”, “Mushrooms”, and “Tennis Shoes”.

Although the album contains many notable songs, none deserve recognition more than “Southern Comforting”. It’s almost unexplainably catchy drum/guitar combination melts perfectly into the lyrics creating a sound that can only be described as first-rate.

Overall the album is surprisingly impressive, with an engaging tone, conversational and thought-provoking lyrics, and sincerely entertaining, Circulation is filled with brisk and rarely documented success. 

Tom the Lion-Sleep
:: September 14, 2014 :: by Mary Frye

RIYL: Bon Iver, Birdy, Ben Howard

Recommended Tracks: All

Tom The Lion proves that music today doesn’t need auto tune or pop beats to sound good. His album, “Sleep” has a mixture of twelve beautifully written and relaxing songs. Although all the songs have the same style, their unique sound and meanings stand out to the crowd.

“Ragdoll,” the tenth song on the album, is written in a poetic style. He uses almost no instruments and puts an emphasis on his beautiful voice and amazing lyrics. While it is a calm song, it demands your attention. Tom The Lion uses a unique method with this song, taking longs breaks with no music at all. This will keep your interest and influence you to listen to the whole album.

Tom The Lion puts so much emotion into all of his songs; making the listeners feel what he feels. The album is constantly enjoyable, with surprises with every song. Tom The Lion’s album “Sleep” is definitely deserves a listen or two. He still has a small fan base, especially here in the United States, but there is almost no doubt he will continue to gain faithful fans for years to come. 

Annalise Emerick: Field Notes
:: September 14, 2014 :: by Amber Williams

RIYL: Taylor Swift

Tracks to listen to: All songs, particularly:  “Boston,” “Home,” “Patti Smith,” “The Sun and the Moon”

Annalise Emerick takes her listeners through the highs and lows of her life. Her album is full of storytelling songwriting covered in a variety of acoustic guitars, banjo, piano, and much more. Her music shows a side of her that’s full of love and adventure that she wants everyone to discover and enjoy.

The songs on the album represent each individual chapter of her life. The first song “The Sun and the Moon” is a love song that has the sweet sounds of a banjo twang in the background. “Boston” brings out the country pop in Emerick as she not only describes her love for a significant other, but her love for music and the world. “Patti Smith” has memorable melodies and lyrics throughout the track. It is an attention grabber because she pulls out all her flaws that she juggles with, but also she expresses how much she would want to be like her many influences. 

Overall, Emerick is one of the few singers who are diverse with their music and the diversity she brings is a sign of nothing but success down the road.

Glass Towers: Halcyon Days
:: September 14, 2014 :: by Sean Lynch

RIYL : Two Door Cinema Club, Thelma Plum 

Tracks to listen to: “Jumanji”, “Tonight”, “Griffin”      

Coming from our Australian friends, Glass Towers, Halcyon Days is a true reminder of summer. Glass Towers gives us that fun at the beach sound without actually having to travel there. Benjamin Hannam provides us with playful guitar riffs, and his mourning cry make for an interesting combination. The drumming of Daniel Muszynski seems to race against the sound of the vocals to create a competition that helps push the songs forward.

The album, which comes in at 38 minutes, gives off a very energetic vibe. Each song carries the same jubilant beat but also offers a different take each time around. The lyrics capture the essence of youth, coming from a band who are going towards the beginning of their adult lives. The songs “In This City” and  “Halcyon” offer takes on teenage love and the confusion of looking towards the future, which many of us face in our teenage years.

A highlight song to the album has to be “Tonight.” The guitar riffs mimic Two Door Cinema Club but at the same time carry their own voice and distinct sound. The song presents a very upbeat pace and rides along smoothly like many of the other songs on the album. “Griffin” is another selling point to Halcyon Days. The song presents an exuberant energy. Hannam’s voice gives an excited tone to the song, and bounces along with the guitar riffs. “Griffin” is a song that just generates excitement through its instrumentals.

The album itself is something to listen to if you want to relax, but at the same time can get you to jump up and dance around the room. Halcyon Days is truly an album that will give you some sort of contentment when you listen to it.


The Kook-Listen
:: September 14, 2014 :: by Marissa McCall

RIYL: Two Door Cinema Club, The Strokes, The Artic Monkeys

Recommended Tracks: Around Town, Forgive and Forget, Down, Sunrise

The new album from the Kooks feels like a fresh new take on the classic Rock n’ Roll mixed with electric music with funk and soul influences. The album is a reinvention of the Kooks’ sound and their identity as an indie band with sounds ranging from 60s and 70s rock to disco and funk music with some electric sounding beats.

Their original work from Inside In/Inside Out was more of a younger Artic Monkeys sound. This new album has a sound that is all on it’s own, making this a breakthrough album for the Kooks.

If you loved the sound of the Kooks before they released this album, you may have some mixed feelings about it, but different can be a good thing. The band is showing their diversity within the indie genre by mixing in punchy new sounds with hip-hop influences thanks to their producer Inflo who specializes in the hip-hop genre.

Tracks such as “Forgive and Forget,” “Down,” and then “Around Town” make for a great addition to the party playlist. The hip-hop influences mixed with funk and soul will make you want to dance the night away.

Overall this album is very different sounding from their previous new work, but it defines the new age for the Kooks, a funky new take on indie rock.

Rise Against-Black Market
:: September 14, 2014 :: by Anna Rine

Rise Against “The Black Market”

RIYL: The Used, The Offspring, Sum 41

A mix between punk rock and hardcore, Rise Against has released their seventh album The Black Market

However, with their strong political and ethical views, this album was really nothing new. I mean I really liked the song “Tragedy + Time,” the opening guitar riffs are catchy and the tune is also catchy, but other than that I found nothing really special about the album.

The album might be appealing to old fans who are continuing to look for and listen to what they love, but for someone wanting to branch out their music taste, it’s just the same old stuff. I feel like some of the songs are talking about the same thing over and over and it got boring after a while.

I didn’t exactly hate the album, it just got really old after about four songs and I felt like I couldn’t listen to it anymore. 

:: September 14, 2014 :: by Jennifer Eng

RIYL: Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd. Lorde

Recommended Tracks: “Waiting Game”, “Someone New”, “Drowning”, and “You Should Know Where I’m Coming From”

If there is one word that could describe Banks, it would be “Goddess”. Her debut album dropped on September 5, 2014 and I can tell you it will be a hit. Compared to Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd, and Lorde, her unique gloomy electronic sound is one that is sure to catch a listener’s ears.

Although her music is described as “dark R&B”, there are a variety of different styles that this album covers. On her title track “Goddess”, Banks describes a one-sided relationship with lyrics like ““She gave it all, you gave her shit/You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess/Now you gotta deal with this glitch on your shoulder/fucking with a goddess, you get a little colder.” On the other hand, the ballad “You Should Know Where I’m Coming From” shows her soft side and her sultry vocals with her heartfelt lyrics and a piano accompaniment.

After hearing “Waiting Game” a few months ago, I wanted to hear more from Banks and this album did her justice. I believe this should be an album that other people should hear because its different and promotes the new electronic music sound that is now becoming popular. Also, Banks should be recognized for her strong vocals and powerful lyrics.  Overall, this album is impressive and is sure to be a huge success.  

Royal Blood-Royal Blood
:: September 12, 2014 :: by Sean Lynch

RIYL : White Stripes(Jack White), Kasabian

Tracks to listen to: “Out Of The Black”, “Come On Over”, “Little Monster”

Royal Blood comes out stronger than dark roasted black coffee in their self titled debut album. Hailing from Brighton, UK, the boys of Royal Blood really bring back the essence of hardcore rock music, a genre that is seldom covered in music world today. In doing this, Royal Blood boldly goes where few other bands will go. Mike Kerr belts Jack White-esque melodies as he goes in hard with bass riffs which, coupled with Ben Thatcher’s drumming makes for a deadly combination.

The 32-minute album could be described as pent up anger with some breaks of calmness in between. The song “Out of the Black” feels like aggression in it’s most raw form through crushing bass riffs .This idea is reiterated as Kerr sings “I got a gun for a mouth and a bullet with your name on it.” This rough, unpolished tone can be heard throughout the album, but it’s what really draws you into the music and keeps you listening to songs like ”Little Monster” and “Come On Over” which carry the same rugged vibe.

Royal Blood would not be something you listen to when you want to mellow out. This is in your face, get the hell out of my way anger. It’s the kind of power that would give you the energy to finish that last part of your workout.

Throughout the album, you’re hit with a rough mixture of drums and bass, but swept away by Kerr’s gentle tone until it fluctuates into a blast. This balance of the two gives the album overall a great sound. This unconventional sound is what brought them towards the top in the United Kingdom, and that is what's going to keep them going on that path.


Coldplay-Ghost Stories
:: September 11, 2014 :: by Alexandria Acacia

RIYL: OneRepublic, Linkin Park                                             

Many songs played today are categorized as one specific genre of music, but Coldplay breaks that mold as they spread their own type of music.

Ghost Stories definitely is a story telling album, which includes an eerie vibe, but temperate lyrics.The 40 minute album is a toned-down collection filled with mystery and captivation. It is obvious that the album is about relationships and love. Though there is some expression within the lyrics, the album comes off as lifeless, hence the “ghost”. Each song relates to love, but with love there are complications. Another’s Arms and True Love are songs that are about in denial and avoiding the deficiency of love.

Ghost Stories was released shortly after the divorce between singer, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow. Some state that she was his inspiration towards writing the album, and I agree. This is one of those “I miss what we had” and possibly “I want you back” albums. The way that he put his thoughts into this album definitely shows his feelings towards the situation. At some points there is a battle between instrument and singer as they both try to verbalize the hidden emotions with in the album.

"A Sky Full of Stars," was an attention grabber because it is not like any of the other songs because the instrumentals were fast paced and more energetic. "Another’s Arms", is the complete opposite, you can almost hear ghosts’ being featured as background vocalists, which bring a more supernatural feel.

"Magic" is also an enjoyable song because the lyrics and the music really connect. It’s slow paced, but it is soothing and something to listen to if you want to relax. Some might say that the songs are slow and boring, but if you really take the time to listen to them, there are some good ones that are hidden like "Ink," "Midnight," and "A Sky Full of Stars." Many of the songs off this album are good to listen to if you just want to unwind. The whole album is satisfying for someone who is looking for something simple, but with meaning.


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